We get to the ideal match fast

Every organization has its own unique characteristics that a candidate should fit. For instance, Google demands an emphasis on curiosity and intelligence. These personal characteristics are considered essential by the search engine giant in order to be able to adapt to the numerous rapid changes that occur in the IT world. And to enjoy it too!

That is why we offer, besides prevailing search methodologies, a competency focused search for executive search assignments. This transforms the search process to one that is more focused and effective and results in potential candidates that conform to the unique characteristics of the position, and the culture of the organization.

Curious and creative

In many fields changes are so numerous and happen so fast that you can be sure that the role of your candidate is going to change too. This means you are much better off searching for people who are curious and creative than candidates that you recruit on the basis of their experience and knowledge up until now.


Function profile

Finding people who want to learn is difficult. It goes a lot deeper than looking for cognitive ability, professional experience or leadership capacity. At Google, for instance, this is defined in a ‘Google Profile’: ambitious, persevering, team orientated, obliging, action orientated, effective, creative, and possessing listening and communication skills, interpersonal qualities and integrity.


Define and identify

Every business has a comparable ‘Google Profile’ for each role. A search for a good candidate for a position begins by defining this profile and the type of person that you, as a company, are looking for. Our consultants compile this profile in collaboration with the customer, and it enables us to identify appropriate candidates.


Placing for the future

Too much emphasis is placed on experience in the search for candidates for senior positions. The true secret is to be able to judge what people have to offer for the future, and how they fit in the company’s strategy. Finding ‘curious’ people, for instance, is difficult, and that is Barfield’s specialty. We take care of the determination of people that fit with your organization, the profiling of the ideal candidate and the management of the entire process. From search assignment to appointment. Barfield’s partners and consultants have the complex skills to assess candidates quickly so that you efficiently find the perfect match.


New Search Tool

We are currently developing a high-tech search tool in which it is possible to search by competencies and personality, and these traits are subsequently linked to passion, qualifications and experience.


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