Multi Level Search, proactive placement on all levels

As well as traditional search we also offer Multi Level Search, a new approach in which we work proactively. By cultivating a intimate relationship we get to know the organization inside out. Interim interviews put us in a position to be able to foresee problems with positions before they become problems. This is extended across all levels of the company.


Seeing the bigger picture

Interviews with key company personnel allow us to understand your organization’s needs. This allows us, when it becomes necessary, to proactively place people using a strategic search, including large-scale assessments. We get to know teams, business units and management inside out. This means we are able to identify what you need more of and what you may have in excess. These insights are coupled to the strategy of the business with the goal of filling the right positions with the right people. This ensures your policies are put into effect across the business.



In a Multi Level Search a close, long-term relationship between the organization and us is paramount. Key characteristics of our Multi Level Search are:

  • A total approach, focused on the whole of the organization
  • Organizational development, integral growth
  • From CEO to floor manager
  • Pursuit of long term goals
  • Proactive placement
  • Interim interviews
  • Analysis from the perspective of the character of the organization
  • Proactively seeking ‘just in case’ scenarios


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