Assessment, insight into personalities

Barfield Executive Search works with the most accurate and clear online personality assessment tool. The scientifically grounded test is based on the most up to date insights. The assessment tool ensures decisive personality characteristics are brought to the fore so that you are well informed about where you really stand.


Diverse goals

The methodology that we and, if necessary, our assessment partners employ provides managers and candidates insight into behavior, attitude and ambition. These results are presented in an easily comprehensible report that you can use for diverse objectives. Results can be used for selection, management development, company reviews, or for personal (development) profiles.


Team effectiveness

Besides insights into personality our assessment also provide a picture of motivation and incentives. We conduct a strength-weakness analysis on core competencies and advise how to guide people with a specific profile. Our instruments can measure the effectiveness of teams or management teams on the basis of team composition. What is missing or overrepresented in a team to ensure successful function? These are question that can be answered by a Barfield Executive Search consultant.


Profile and culture

Our methodology enables us to conduct competency focused searching. In collaboration with the customer our consultants compile the ideal profile. The ranking then makes clear which candidates correlate to a greater or lesser degree with the profile. This signals the correspondence between the demands of the function and competencies, but also the extent to which someone fits within the culture and values of an organization.


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