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In order to fill positions quickly and well the context must first be clear. We don’t just look at the team in which a candidate will operate, but the underlying dream and vision of the owner or shareholders.



What is the status of the business, and what are the goals for the next five or ten years? What strategy corresponds to these aspirations, and what is needed to achieve them? If we have a clear picture of the organization and expectations for the future then we are able to proactively contribute on how to fill positions. Based on strategy and vision we can advise on the people who will be needed in the long run.


Recruitment Profile

A proactive approach demands an insight into different competencies within parts of the business, or within specific functions. We tailor the recruitment profile to these insights and search for people that fit. The profile is updated for each new search to account of current needs and any developments that may have taken place within the organization. This allows us to constantly keep up to date with developments at our customers.



Sometimes it’s necessary to assess where you are as an organization. The first step is to investigate how personnel are operating and who is already displaying the desired behavior for the future, and whether people are in the right position in the organization for them. Then you are able to decide where you want to go as an organization, and the profile that fits each position within that structure. We guide and oversee the assessment process throughout the company, or part of a company, in order to generate a recruitment policy or development plan for each department or function group.

Barfield Executive Search

As search specialists we have extensive experience in, amongst others, manufacturing, real estate, and asset management. As well as corporate companies, we also often work with family businesses. Thanks to our years of experience in executive search we can employ our networks and knowledge to recruit efficiently for general, commercial (sales and marketing), financial and technical management positions. In addition we have access to a large network of expert executives from diverse fields. This allows us to help companies help themselves advance.


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