Passion, Intellect and Personality Determine Success

Following hundreds of executive searches as a researcher, consultant and managing partner, Roelant van Barneveld founded Barfield Executive Search. Concepts derived from extensive experience are now being implemented under the new name and organization in the field of executive search and management development. A new company with a fresh, new approach where passion, intellect, and personality are central to the selection and approach of candidates.


Best Match

We found that optimum results in executive search engagements arose from a careful review of client requirements, and identification and approach of candidates. A thorough assessment of the final candidate is then followed by final recommendations. Working this way year after year, and seeing the effect of prioritizing passion, intellect, and personality, you begin to view people in this light. It becomes second nature. If you then also see that the best matches occur in positions where there is room to take account of these factors, then your attitude towards who you might want to approach for a specific position changes too.



Digging Deeper

Founder Roelant van Barneveld began Barfield Executive Search to bring a new, competency-focused methodology to real-world search. In his approach passion, intellect, and personality are paramount. Then comes the link with experience and qualifications. Assessment is an important factor, but the match must be a qualitative fit; that is why it is useful to look beyond a candidate’s experience up to this point. We achieve this in a collaborative process with specialists in the fields of executive search, assessment and coaching. This allows us to use qualitative considerations to fill management positions and strengthen executive teams.


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